How to Submit

Just follow the steps below for the best and smoothest transaction.

Step 01 - Complete Order

Complete your online order and print out your order at the end of checkout.

Step 02 - Label Services

Seperate services in individual team bags along with label of service, name and Instagram handle.

Step 03 - Include Order Receipt

Please print out a copy of your order receipt and package together with cards.

Step 04 -Ship

Ship package insured to our facility at:

Marx Cards
PO BOX 580
Port Hueneme, CA 93044-0580

On our end

Once we receive your cards we will catalog and send pictures to your email used on the order. You will then receive a google doc that is updated daily as to the status and stage once dropped off at PSA Headquarters.

We will notify you upon pick up of your cards for additional shipping cost and insurance.