Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine Max Declared Value (DV $) per card?

We recommend using Sold Listings on eBay or other platforms such as PSA 10. Think of Max Declared Value (DV $) as an insurance policy while at PSA.

Auto Authentication – Auto Grade Only

$21 per card via the Vintage Modern service.

Turnaround Times

Please note that all times are estimates from drop off at PSA to return ship date.

All service times go by PSA BUSINESS days only. Patience equals Value. Dropping off at PSA Headquarters speeds up the process exponentially.

Do we Clean/Inspect/Crack cards

Absolutely not! These are YOUR cards and YOUR grades.

If we suspect any foul play regarding your cards, you will be banned.

How do I track my order?

Once we receive your package, photos will be sent verifying sports cards. Grades will be made available once we receive a PSA email. No need to ask.

How do we separate your cards from others in a Group Submission?

Your cards get inputted in PSA by your Name, # Cards, PSA #. PSA grades become available in sequential order they were input. 

Can I cancel my PSA order while in progress?

We REQUIRE 24 hours’ notice for the cancellation of your services prior to scheduled delivery to our location. Once notified through email  we will need to authorize validity of cancellation request. Customers cancelling with LESS than 24 hours of your scheduled delivery to our location for PSA submission, will be required to pay 100% of the services reserved in order to continue to book other services with our business. 

It is important to understand the time needed to complete the task of submissions

How do I ship my cards to be graded by PSA?

  • Bubble mailer or box that is clearly labeled with items secure.
  • Bubble wrap is better than stuffing your old baseball cards.
  • Put your cards in graded team bag fitting 8-10 cards per bag.
  • Separate and label each Team Bag by service level options and NAME.
  • No packing tape should be used inside packaged materials.
  • Please include a copy of your receipt inside package.

How do my Sports Cards get returned back?

Once PSA service is complete, we will send a message regarding Grades along with requesting return shipping information.

Sports Card owners will pay for return shipping along with insurance if requested.

All cards will be shipped USPS priority unless stated other wise.

PSA Graded Sports Cards arrived mislabeled or damaged in transit

Marx Cards Inc will cover PSA Reslab fee up to $21 per card.

Standard service will be offered for ALL PSA Reslabs.

Shipping cost/Insurance will be paid by Sport Card owner.

Refunds or Exchanges

Marx Cards Inc. does not accept any returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Customer Service is important to us